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So you didn’t know, eh?

Something new I was recently made aware of was that Reporting Services are no longer updated with SQL Server CUs as of SQL Server 2017. What this means is that you have to download the Reporting Services installation media SEPARATELY. That, my friends, is frustrating.

My colleague found this and shared it with me, which then prompted us to upgrade our Reporting servers to the most recent version we could. Our hope is that by updating the Reporting Service, we might be able to resolve an issue that has been plaguing us for a couple of weeks.

The Problem!

Currently, we have a production Reporting site that houses a decent amount of reports. Nothing too crazy, but enough. Supposedly after we updated to SQL Server 2017 CU23, we had users complaining about their reports not loading, and then not being able to open any report in general. Now, when I say “open a report”, I mean clicking into the folder that houses the report, and then clicking the report itself. The user does not even get to the screen where they can input their parameters; they just receive a loading screen that sits there indefinitely. We threw more RAM/CPU at the server, because it should have been provisioned higher in the first place, but that did not completely solve the issue. The work around required a full server reboot, not just a services reboot, which we found odd. 

Finally, after going down the rabit hole of why Reporting Services are now a standalone install, the report server was updated to SQL Server 2017 CU24 and updated to the latest Reporting Services version for 2017. We have not received any reports of issues, but I am not sold on us resolving the issue.

Did you look at the ReportServer Log?

Yes, we looked into the logs, and yes we looked into the executionlog view (executionlog3) for details of the reports. However, the reports never actually fail, since they never actually GET to even passing the parameters. Maybe you can sense some frustration in this post?

Anyways, hoping that resolved the issue but since it has been awhile since I posted something SQL related, I figured I would share this. Full disclosure, I did not find this info-my colleague did. So thanks to he/she who will not be named due to privacy reasons. However, thank you!