Not sure how to talk about myself, but my name is Justin. I am a database administrator, but also an  avid runner, big fan of mother nature, and a family man. 

My goal for this site is to do two things. One, I hope to give back to the database community as they have helped me get through some tough binds and they have taught me so much that I am eternally grateful for. I only hope that what I post will help someone out there! Secondly, the site is an area where my  “nerdy” hobbies, and such can thrive. My posts will certainly vary in topic, but that is where all the fun is! 

Finally, I wanted to leave this spot to thank my lovely wife and my kids for giving me the ability, and support to do the things I love. You are my heroes, and I love you both to infinity and beyond!


theRetroDBA logo – WhenGeeksCraft (Nicole). Thank you for dealing with an originally crappy image and then creating this master piece. Nicole and her husband make some AMAZING stuff, you should check them out (WhenGeeksCraft)

The Site- shout out to my best friend Frank for helping me put together the web server hosting this blog and troubleshooting Linux. The hours we spent (mainly you telling me what to do) were like the good ole days and I am so grateful for having an amazing friend like you. Frank also has his own site, and you should check him out here! He loves 3D printing and the out doors. What is not to love about this awesome Italian!