EXEC sp_firstpost;

Well, we are here! The first official post of theRetroDBA site, and I still haven’t given up on this yet. How about that for the “cancel culture” boomer?

All jokes aside, welcome to the site! However you got here, I am overly thrilled to have you. And welcome trolls, please feel free to comment on my blog posts. I am more than happy to have a nice glass of bourbon and laugh at the time you have wasted to try and seem like you are cool.

Anywho, my name is Justin and I have too many hobbies. Funny enough, they all seem to connect in some way. Thus, here we are! You can find more about me in my “About Me” page. To fund these hobbies, I work during the day as a Database Administrator using the power of google to search the community for ways to save myself from failure, and learning from a talented Senior DBA who likes to throw me into the deep-end for fun. 

While this post will not specifically have a “theme”, many of the future posts will. It is in my DNA to try and organize everything-so you will get used to my antics pretty quickly. Some posts will be about providing the community with tips/tricks/guides on how to do something in the database realm that I found helpful/useful. Or I will post something regarding video games or the collection. 

So join me in this adventure, which I am sure will be a fun ride. Hopefully you can take something away after reading some of my work. , and subscribe to me through your favorite RSS readers! Yes-they still have them and I am still holding on to the best way to consume text media on the internet. 

Live Long and Prosper